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    • magneto resistive sensors

    Magneto Resistive Sensors (MRS)

    The magneto resistive sensors (MRS) detect the movement of ferromagnetic materials, by means of the change of the magnetic flow. They are available with (Series 350) or without (series 300) detection of direction of rotation.


    They are suitable for rotary speed sensing, for detection of gearwheels and for standstill control. Areas of use can be extremely rough, max. switching frequency of 15 kHz.

    Housing: ě 12 mm to ě 18 mm
    Operating voltage: 10 VDC to 35 VDC
    Switching frequency: 0,5 Hz to 15 KHz
    Housing material: stainless steel / PPO / PA PEEK
    Permitted ambient temperature: - 40░C to + 125░C

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